tmb Torgauer Maschinenbau GmbH


With the Heat-Soak-Test-Oven for safe toughened safety glass!

  • electrically heated
  • different furnace sizes
  • Various loading and unloading systems
  • Coordinated heating and fan output
  • Optimised temperature control and temperature gradient setting, different feeding systems
  • Different variants of the distancing technique
  • Tamper-proof paperless recorder with industrial USB interface
  • EDP interface and order assignment
  • User-friendly, clear display with energy consumption indicator
  • Suitability of the furnace for the production of autoclave-free laminated safety glass (option)

Standard version

Test and control facilities
  • Glass storage on special A-frames or trolleys
  • Versions for coated and uncoated glasses

Loading for standard version

Heat-Soak-Test Loading

Frame with 2 wheels and lever roller for normal standard ESG

Loading for version with rail system

Heat-Soak-Test Loading Rail

Loading and unloading of the oven by means of integrated rail system

Loading for version with undercarriage

Heat-Soak-Test Loading Undercarriage
  • Undercarriage system, freely movable
  • Rails inside the oven, undercarriage outside the oven

Combi oven

Combi Oven Heat-Soak Test

for Heat-Soak-Test and horizontal laminated glass production