tmb Torgauer Maschinenbau GmbH

Conveyor & interlinking equipment

Conveyor and interlinking systems consisting of:

  • Simple standard conveyors
  • dust-damaged conveyor
  • Corner transfers
  • Turning stations
  • Turnaround stations
  • Folding web parts
  • Save
  • Host stations

incl. control and visualisation

Enclosed version

Conveyor & Interlinking Equipment Conveyor Interlinking

Completely enclosed and with overpressure ventilation for optimum dust protection

Conveyor & Interlinking Equipment Conveyor Interlinking

Turning station

PV Solar Industry Promotion & Linkage
Turning station for changing direction

Corner supporter

Conveyor & Interlinking Devices Corner Conveyors

Corner conveyor for change of direction

Drum turner

Conveyor & linking devices Drum turner


Folding track part

Conveyor & interlinking devices Folding conveyor section